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To collect part of the money necessary to run the organization and to finance the scientific researches, ARPEH undertakes different activities:

- Sale of the book "Hypoventilation training, push your limits!"

- Organization and participation to lectures on hypoventilation training

- Assistance to athletes for applying hypoventilation training

- Measurement of blood oxygenation in swimmers


 The book "Hypoventilation training, push your limits!"

book xavier woorons 

Author: Xavier Woorons

164 pages - Size: 210 mm x 149 mm

ISBN: 978-2-9546040-1-5

Library price: 19.90 €   - 5 %

Internet price: 18,90 €





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164 pages - 2 parts (theoretical and practical) - 5 chapters - 56 tables and figures - 106 bibliographic references

This book is the result of several years of scientific research and is currently the only one in international litterature to deal with hypoventilation training

The first part of the book presents the theoretical aspects of hypoventilation training. It describes the effects and adaptions induced by this training method based on scientific studies published, for the most part, in the last decade.

This first part includes numerous figures as well as “physiological reminders” frames to facilitate reader comprehension.

The second part of the book deals with the practical aspects of hypoventilation training. It is useful to know how to apply the hypoventilation technique and how to structure training in order to get the best results in many disciplines (athletics, cycling, swimming, combat sports, team sports, racket sports).

Tables and illustrations provide the reader with aids to help perform hypoventilation training.

Athletes, trainers, physical coaches, and all the people involved or interested in human physical performance can find in this book how it is possible, theoretically and pratically, to push one's limits without breaking the law relating to sporting ethics and without using expensive and heavy devices.

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Lectures on "Hypoventilation training"

The lectures are conducted by Xavier Woorons and aim to present the current knowledge on hypoventilation training. Each conference has a duration of 1H15 to 1H30 minutes and is divided into two parts:

- Presentation (45 min to 1 hour)

- Debate with the audience under the form of question/answer/discussion

At the end of the lecture, it is possible to have a short discussion with the speaker and to buy the book "Hypoventilation training, push your limits".

Your are interested in organizing a lecture on hypoventilation training?

Contact us! 

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Assistance to athletes for applying hypoventilation training


ARPEH collaborates with athletes of many disciplines to help perform hypoventilation training. This assistance can be provided through:

- Individual coaching: provides an individual and appropriated assistance. We follow you on the field to make your learning easier and to help optimize your hypoventilation training. Blood oxygen data are recorded with a high tech device during exercise and are analyzed at the end of the session.

- Collective coaching (2 to 8 people): to learn how to train with hypoventilation or to improve your hypoventilation training in a friendly atmosphere. For a better quality of work, each athlete will be given a specific pulse oximeter that allows the measurement of blood oxygenation while exercising.

- E-coaching (electronic coaching or coaching online) : when direct coaching is not possible, E-coaching represents an interesting way to learn how to train with hypoventilation or to optimize your training.

Through e-mail exchanges, E-coaching enables to have an answer to your needs. You can get a single advise, hypoventilation exercises, hypoventilation training sessions or a full hypoventilation training program for one week or more. The whole is appropriated to both your discipline and your level. Everything is possible with E-coaching.

How does it work? It is simple:

1st step: you contact us by e-mail to let us know about your needs

2nd step: we analyze your request and we make an estimate for your answer

3rd step: we send the estimate by e-mail with a link  to pay safely via Paypal

4th step: if you accept the estimate, you juste click on the link to make the payment and you then get rapidly the answer to your request

You would like to take advantage of our individual coaching, collective coaching or E-coaching?

Contact us! 

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Measurement of blood oxygenation in swimming

In 2013, for the first time, ARPEH and the laboratory "Cellular and functional responses to hypoxia" from Paris 13 University managed to continuously measure blood oxygenation during a swimming exercise.

To do so, we used an innovative oximetry technique we tested both the accuracy and the reliability in our laboratory. We demonstrated that data measured with this new equipment were similar to capillary blood samplings. The method has therefore been validated scientifically (Woorons et al., Respiration Physiology & Neurobiology, 2014).

We offer to swimmers, trainers or swimming organizations to take advantage of this new technolgy in order to assess blood oxygenation during exercise.

The measurement of blood oxygenation in swimmers is interesting for 2 reasons:

1) It allows learning more easily the hypoventilation technique at low lung volume (exhale-hold) and to control whether hypoventilation training is peformed effectively.

2) It enables to detect swimmers who suffer from exercise-induced hypoxemia (lower blood oxygenation) while performing intense exertion with normal breathing.

A decrease in blood oxygenation by only a few percents can reduce performance. When detected, this decrease can be avoided or significantly limited by modifying or correcting the respiratory technique.

Measuring blood oxygenation is an important stake for all swimmers who want to remain competitive.

You are interested in using the technique for measuring blood oxygenation?

Contact us! 

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